Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fancy Dress Pinata Tutorial

I know, I know... after the Pirate Ship Pinata 
I swore I would NEVER make another pinata again.. EVER.  But then this sweet little face looked at me
 and said, "Mommy, can we have a pinata at my party?" and I just couldn't resist!
So here is a proper tutorial on
This on just happens to be a dress.. but you could make any shape!
Razor Knife
Masking Tape
Paper Bags (from the grocery store)
Lots of Patience!

Start with your cardboard and cut it into two equal pieces.
Make your pattern on an old grocery store bag.  Then trace it on to both of your cardboard pieces.
Take your razor knife and cut around your template.
Now you should have both halves of your pinata!
Then cut strips from your leftover cardboard that are all even in width.
Grab one of your sides and start taping the strips to the outside edge (I hold the piece between my knees to give me use of both hands, one for ripping tape and one for taping it on).

Do this all the way around.   You may have to cut some of the strips to fit into the odd angles of your pinata.
Now add the other piece to the top and repeat taping all the way aournd, until you get to the top and then fill with all of your goodies! (mine is filled with swedish fish, sour patch kids and rings)
Then if you are paying attention, you would have added a hook .. but um yeah.. I forgot this step because I was in the middle of cooking and baking while I made my pinata.  Thankfully Mr. Pinkapotamus was nice enough to come to my rescue and cut a hole in the top and the back and rig a rope through it for easy hanging.. He's soo handy to have around.. think I'll keep him!
Now grab your extra grocery bags! 
And glue them all the way around your pinata, making sure to cover the seams well.
When it's done and dry, now comes the fun part.. decorating it!
I had my direct orders that I was NOT allowed to do this.. so I handed the paint brush over to my mini boss and let her create!  Here is her MASTERPIECE!
Now if it's not perfect, trust me, no one will care.. Because they are just going to BEAT the STUFFING out it anyway!
So grab some willing participants and get WHACKING!
I will say that this Pinata is made REALLY well and it won't break easily so if you have BIG kids it will stand up to their punishment and laugh!  If you are making it for little kids you might want to leave out some tape at the bottom corner while you are glueing just so that they don't lose interest.. although mine were at it for 20 minutes!
Never a dull moment at my house!
Oh and by the way, about ten seconds after this moment
we had a torrential downpour, just saved the cake and ran in the house..  and then my sillyheads decided that a RAIN party would be great!
Kids are sooo FUN, arent' they?
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pink Hippo Party #89!

Happy Monday PINK Hippos!  Whew.. what a crazy, busy weekend we had here in PINK Hippo Land!  I hosted a family (and close friend) 10th birthday party for my daughter!.. and you KNOW what that means, shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning and of course crafting (not quite as much as I would have liked)!
Here are a few small highlights!
The Birthday Princess!
And of course
The Dress Pinata which doubled as a centerpiece!
Now onto this week's FEATURES!
First up are these totally Decadent Turtle Brownies from Kimberly  at http://www.mypinterestreality.com/
p.s.  NEVER blog hungry!
Next up is Michelle from http://www.creative-outbursts.blogspot.com/ who refinished this Gorgeous desk and chairs!
I'm LOVING the turquoise and damask!
Then we have  Melissa at http://vintagemellie.blogspot.com/  who upcycled some old cabinet doors into this BEAUtiful Damask Jewelry Holder!
I totally want one.. of course I would have to make myself some jewelry cause I don't have enough to fill that!
And last but not least is Karima at http://www.karimascrafts.com/  who created this LOVEly fabric leaf picture!
 fabric leaf picture tutorial muslim blog
Now... let's get this PARTY started!
Link up, Grab a Button, BE a FOLLOWER and just have fun cause I'm just tickled PINK you're here!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Calling All Blog Followers!

Well, I just realized that I have been blogging for 2 YEARS!  Yup.. um.. I missed my own blogiversary.. kinda sad, huh?!?  Well, that means I have 2 GIANT events to celebrate.. my blogiversary and 700 followers!
So I am asking for your HELP!  I need some crafty and bloggy volunteers to join in and donate some super fun stuff for my blog followers.. it could be anything.. free adverstising on your blog, something super fun from your ETSY shop or even just something cool you made! 
IN exchange for your generosity I will do a feature post on your blog or shop, BOTH and Post your button to my blog's sidebar for 1 month!

email me at amieirwin (at) yahoo (dot) com
I'd be tickled PINK if you'd HELP!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shabby Chic Flower Monogram

This post is brought to you by the letter "C" for my  Captivatingly Crafty Cassandra!
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It all started with this cute letter "C" that was drastically reduced at Michael's this week,
a big bag a fabric scraps,
and some reduced pearl and rhinestone embellishments.
I started with a little Martha Stewart magic .. by adding some pearlescant purple paint to the edges of  my letter C
and then some lavender paint to the interior.
While the paint dried I started creating my fabric flowers from my scraps.   First I added a strip of hot glue.
Then rolled the flower, tucking and rotating as I continued to glue.
Until viola .. a scrappy flower.
Next I added some pretty pearls, rhinestones and beads to my flowers and kept making them until I had enough to cover the letter.
Then I glued my ribbon to the center of the C for easy hanging and tied a cute bow around it.
Next I hot glued all of the flowers onto the C.
All that was left to do was hang it on the door!
Pretty darn CUTE, if I do say so myself..
Oh and of course, I just adore the Flower on top of the ribbon!
Now I think we might have to work on making the door a little prettier.. hmm .... That gives me an IDEA!
P.S.  My Allison Pearce Knockoff
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