Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sooo much to do... Sooo little time!

Ahhhh!  Sorry it just needed to be said.  It is 1:30 am and here I sit.. looking at all of the projects that I am currently working on. 

1.  Superman mirror to be sent to Tiff @ Making the world cuter.  It was something that I had done and have now totally redone as I had some issues with it.. being ever the perfectionist.  (Sorry Tiff.. it is going in the mail by Friday.. don't care if I have to overnight it!)

Is he a Super man?  Not Yet!

Notice the cape is NOT attached!

2.  Mermaid wall hanging which was a custom order through my Etsy site (shameless promotion?) which has to match its brother the pirate.. argh!

Notice that the second one is blank.
3.  A Star is born Owl, which I began several days ago and have not yet finished.

4.  Cowboy wall hanging which has been stuck in my head for days since I saw my 3 year old in full cowboy regalia complete with bubble gun!

That's my little Cowboy inspiration.

Here is the start to my cowboy.
5.  Boxes and lots of them that I am going to recraft after my craft disaster!  Hopefully atleast four of them to be entered into the 4th round of Iron Crafter at Fireflies and Jellybeans.  I entered last time and did not do so well.. so I insist upon trying again.  This time the ingredient is .. paint chips!  (I still have to pick those up.. but my idea is ready)

Happy that I found the joy of spray paint!
6.  Courdoy dress that I started for my daughter.. but still needs lots of help with from my mother in law.  Hopefully that will get done by September 8th.. her second day of school.  (why not the first day you ask?  well she got an adorable pink ruffle dress from my mother in law that she is in LOVE with and I can't blame her!)

Oh and did I mention that I am going on vacation in several days for a week?  In addition to the vacation I was informed by my husband that my crafting paraphanalia is to be left at home.. Oh no!  Wish me luck.. as this time I may REALLY need it!  So one more time.. AHHHHH! (and thanks for listening!)



  1. oh my goodness, girl, you have a lot to do! good luck and enjoy your vacation...don't think about your projects or blog or work...just family.

  2. the way, your little cowboy is adorable!