Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crafterbowl Domestic Deadline vs.... Pinkapotamus

Welcome to Round 3 of
In a surprise turn of events, this week's battle takes place on my home turf with Sweet little 'ol me,
Amie the Animal
 and Emily the Exterminator
Emily started her blog as a way to track all the things while attempting to herself ready to re-enter the working world, but craft projects just keep getting in the way!!!! She has 2 daughters and a son who keep her busy, between their activities and the projects they request. She is actively involved with her church, usually with a craft project in tow... and, oh, he and her husband usually have a remodeling project in the works, when he's not competing in Ironman triathlons. Her project list is constantly growing... the working world will have to wait!

I am a stay at home Mom to my 3 beautiful little ones, equipped with the skills that my hubby taught me 10 years ago when I entered into domestic bliss totally unprepared for Anything!  I am a crafty diva who loves my Glue gun, paint, glitter and burlap and knows her way around a kitchen.  I am in a constant state of motion, juggling my three ring circus, embarking on waaaay too many voluteer projects for my kids, my church and my community!  

This week's craft Challenge was Picture Frames!
So here are our A-mazing projects for your voting pleasure!
Here is my Broken Mirror to Upcycled Cork Board
Full Post  HERE

And here are Emily's Upcycled Cord Board Picture Frames
Full Post HERE
Now it's your turn to vote.. the winner will move on to the next round~!

Winner will be announced next Monday at the Pink Hippo Party!
Oh and don't forget that since this is a leap year you get ONE more day to share with me if you are a GFC Follower.. so if you don't want to miss out on the next competition you can follow me through Linky Friends and on FACEBOOK
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken Mirror to Upcycled Cork Board!

Don't you just love a Great DEAL!?!  I know I do.. so when the hubs and I found this sweet mirror
for $10 on clearance we bought two... and of course being good sharers we gave one to the neighbors.
But .. oh no.. the neighbor broke hers.. YIKES!  7 years bad luck.. darn! 
But.. dada dum.. Pink Hero (he he he!) to the rescue!  I made it into this awesome cork board for her kitchen~
Want to see how?  Well, here it is!
I started with the empty frame, some fabric and an old cork board.
First I popped the back of the frame out.
Then I used the frame as a template for the cork board and I cut with a razor knife.
Here is the cut out.
Then I fired up my trusty glue gun
(notice my fancynapkin holder um I mean glue gun holder..
and then glued the cork to the back of the frame.
Ready for my fabric, Mr. Deville!
Next I hot glued the fabric over the cork board by placing it over the board and pulling it taut and then glueing and pulling all around.
Then I screwed it back into the frame.
And brought it over to the neighbor.. who loved it soo much she grabbed  a hammer and nails and got busy hanging it up!
So happy to be able rescue her from bad luck and a bare wall!
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink Hippo Party #69

Happy Monday Pink Hippos.. so Happy to see you again! 
 It has been a Loooong week here in hippo land filled with fun activities for the kids (cause they had a week off) visits with great friends, sleepovers and yes.. gasp even a night out with the hubby!  And the grand finale was dinner and birthday cake for my MIL..
I got her this really cool knitting cup
Wheel Thrown Ceramic Yarn Bowl in Golden Brown
Now for those of you have been waiting with baded breath for the much anticipated winner of this week's Crafterbowl Competition..
The Winner is Steph

 from Crafting in the Rain  with her amazing
Clothespin Picture frame!
Amie, tell her what's she's won.. that's right Steph you are the winner of a $22 gift certificate to Angela's Antics !  Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see our next two exciting competitor's go head to head!
Just like last week I will do feature on Wednesday!  So now let's get this party started.. link up, grab a button

Pink Hippo Party
be a follower, and share the love~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight ~ Angelas Antics

Welcome to another Sponsor Sunday!  Today's featured guest is Angela from
Angela is a recent empty nester who has found new meaning in her crafting!  She enjoys having a warm cup of coffee or glass of wine in hand, a friendly visit from one of her four legged babies and have the windows open to hear and breathe nature.  
In her shop you can find gorgeous handcrafted Wreaths and arrangements!
Here are some of my favorites:
Cabbage Rose Shabby Chic Style Arrangement
Cabbage Rose Shabby Chic Cottage Style Floral Arrangement Treasury Feature
Whimsical Flower Arrangement
Whimsical Flower

Shabby Chic Felt Rose Bud Wreath
Shabby Chic Cottage Style Felt Rose Bud Wreath
What's Up Doc Yarn Wreath (just in time for Easter!)
Whats Up Doc Yarn Wreath
And my personal Favorite:
Spring Bicycle Arrangement
Spring Bicycle Arrangement
All of Angela's beautiful creations are available for immediate delivery!
Stop by and visit her HERE
She had generously agreed to provide the prize to the winner of this week's Crafterbowl!
And don't forget that voting ends tonight for this week's Crafterbowl competition between Kim the Krusher
 and Steph the Steamroller..
What you are you waiting for .. go vote for your favorite HERE

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Hippo Features and a Discount!

As promised (for once) here are the features from Last Week's Pink Hippo Party!
First up we have Marci from  who made this adorable
 Zebra Cape for her Chubby Fashionista!  I could squeeze those sweet little cheeks!
Then we have Jenny from  who made this sweet Map Art with Heart
to highlight where she lives and loves!
Next we have this awesomely upcycled chair
 from The Style Sisters at
Then we have this beautiful handpainted living room painting of  bird
And last but certainly not least is Nicole from with these cutie patootie ruffled stretch pants..
 with tutorial and tutorials for a matching shirt and of course head band!
Now as promised I am including a 10% off coupon code to my shop by entering the code ANNIVERSARY  because I just celebrated my 2nd anniversary at
And since I thought it was kind of cute.. I thought I would share my latest custom order.. A Pottery Barn Baby Boats Name sign!
It just needs to be Mod Podged into place and then it will sail away for it's new home!