Monday, February 7, 2011

Adventures of Cassandra and the Bra Fairy

Here I am participating in a new Blog Party all about the fun of lying to our children  (he he he!  Just kidding.!) .. it's really about those silly Mommy moments that we all have that make us laugh and keep us smiling at the end of the day!
Real Moms Real Laughs

My story starts when my daughter was about 18 months.  She had been a strictly breastfed child and was frankly a bit obsessed with anything to do with my "bobbies" as we called them.  That being said we would constantly fight over the ownership of my bras.  Yes, that's right she used to carry them around the house, sleep with them and hide them whenever possible.  It got to the point that all I had left was one bra and I would have to hide it from her when it came out of the laundry.  My stolen bras could be found everywhere.. from the living room to my car and  even once on the lawn when we had contractors fixing our septic.  (I can only imagine what kind of party house they thought we lived in!) 

Finally after weeks of fighting for the right to own and wear my own bras.. I came up with a solution.  My mother had given us one of those blanket pets.. you know the kind they have the head of an animal and the body of a blanket.  Ours was a puppy and we decided to call him"Woof Woof".  But our "Woof Woof" had a secret.. Can you guess what it was?  Yup, I cut the cups out of her favorite bra (yes she had a favorite) and sewed it into the underside of the blanket.! 
To get the bra from my daughter, however, turned out to be very tricky.  We finally "made up" a "story" about how the "Bra Fairy" was going to visit her that night and take the bra and leave her a "surprise".  When she woke up in the morning her bra had been transformed into "Woof Woof" and we showed her that Woof Woof had a secret and that she could keep the bra but only if she kept it hidden.  This worked for a while.. and then after some time, once she had gotten used to Woof Woof.. the "Bra Fairy" paid her a Final visit and took the bra but left Woof Woof. 
It was such a wonderful way to help her adjust to life without a bra and it saved us countless tears and heartache I am sure! 
Hope you enjoyed my Mommy lies and the adventures of the "Bra Fairy"!


  1. Oh Pinkapotamus,,, this is sooo funny!!! My kiddos, were pretty much obbsesed with my boobies too, lol, but can't say they ever cared about my bras,,, that is so funny.

    I can practically picture her frantically looking for the bra,,, poor thing.

    I so enjoyed reading your little secret, and I REALLY hope you coem back to share many more stories, secrets, funny PICTURES!!!

    Thanks again, and I appreciate you linking up, and sharing it with your readers. I am your newest follower!!!


    Bella :)

  2. That is the funniest thing ever! I have never heard of a little one that obsessed with bras:-) You had me laughing today!!!

  3. Hilarious! I love the story of the bra out in the yard...I would have been mortified!

  4. This made me spit my coffee! This will be a funny story to tell her when she's older and needing her own!

    Pop over to my blog can you have a minute, there is an award waiting for you

  5. excellent! Is your Daughter's name Cassandra? Mine too! :)

  6. Wow. Considering everything, I think you handled it really must be a relief to have your bras to yourself :)

    Thanks for the smiles.