Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You made what?

Okay so remember this tease from Sunday?
Well if you didn't... now you do!
Now I am NOT going to show you the finished project until the end.. so nooo peeking.. This means YOU!
So first I started with a plain old jane frame from Ikea that has been collecting dust in my craft space and painted it.. yes you guessed it BLACK!

Next I covered the backing of the frame with white burlap which I am totally loving right now!

Then I used my cricut to cut out the shape of a tag in red scrapbook paper.  I cut out some freehand paper birds and glued them to the tag.

I did NOT glue the tag on the burlap.  Then I added a red burlap heart and a piece of embroidery floss for a bird swing.
Next I used my Mod Podge dimensional magic on the top of the tag which is on top of white cardstock. 
  While the Mod Podge dried I fancied up my frame a bit with the burlap flowers!  Oh yeah.. first ones ever!
Then I used my embroidery floss and craft glue
to make the lines for a....
Wait for it..

 bird cage!
So here is how it looks displayed in my $3.50 plate holder from Daffy's!
Hope you enjoyed this little mystery as much as I did!
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