Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Launch Pad!

Week #2 challenge at

is the so called Launch Pad!
I am still working on last week's project of the Home Management Binder...

as I am NOT allowed to have a printer.. not because Mr. Pinkapotamus is MEAN (well maybe a little).. but more for the fact that I don't have much space on the counter for it.  So while I am waiting for some bonding time with someone else's printer.. I have decided to work on my Launch Pad spaces.  My first is the shoe rack.  We got this awesome organizer from Ikea and the canvas buckets from Kmart. 

They hide all of the shoes and make a great place to display our pictures and projects.
Next up is the coat closet ummm I mean rack.  When we built the house there was no extra space for a coat rack so we have installed a coat rack.

And today Mr. Pinkapotamus hung the Initial hooks that I bought for the kids at Michael's. 

Now  they each have a hook for their coats and backpacks and the best part is that they can reach it which makes them responsible!
Last is what will become my key rack.. I just have to find the time do some upcycling.. But here is a sneak peek of the before!
Hope you have fun organizing your launch pad this week!

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  1. Thats a lot of storage! I have one of those Ikea things, but it's stuck in the loft! Great that the kids have their own pegs which they can reach!

    Look forward to seeing what you do with the key rack!