Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Knight

Normally.. I am NOT a shameless self promoter.  That being said.. I am totally going to toot my own horn right now.. not because I am promoting my ETSY site.. but more because I am really proud of what I have created! 
A few weeks back Stacey from .. who by the way has a totally awesome blog with really wonderful crafting ideas for boys as she is mom to 3 of them and girly decorating crafts to bring that female touch to a house full of boys .. asked me to create a knight mirror for her son's room.  I was soo excited!  I had always wanted to make one.. but sometimes I question my abilities so I hesitated to do it on my own.  But when she asked I said YES, YES, YES! 
I used some of my own boys books on knights as a reference for how the knight should look dressed in his armour.   Then I referred to the internet for a simple dragon for the shield.  Here is how it turned out!
Both the shield and the sword are removable with velcro so the boys can really play with their knight!

There is even a handle on the back for easier play!

Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy am I excited about this mirror.. I think that it just might be my favorite next to the pirate!
Hope Stacey and the Boys love it too!
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  1. This is amazing, my boys would love this kinda thing! Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh my, I have 2 grandboys who would love this. Awesome job!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to the K.I.S.S. blog bash, my two younger boys would think this is such a cool thing. I appreciate you inspiring ideas! :)

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