Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey Girl...

What's NOT to LOVE about Ryan Gosling and his HEY Girl series?
Well, how bout the fact that MY hubby's not in them.. that is until NOW!
 photo 711fa993-1a39-4741-9b90-e71ad88de618_zps3be03eec.jpg

 photo 144db924-f509-4e26-b528-64726a084954_zpsc8c7fe45.jpg
 photo 9fbd86f6-434e-4bdb-a564-638802787040_zps05f44afc.jpg  photo 3fcc4f4d-4f88-40f2-82ca-33d93f8b3b20_zpsda8a56d6.jpg  photo 8f5e025f-c721-4696-b103-ddc4849522af_zpsb05ebcfa.jpg
So now that we've all had fun at my hubby's expense.. why don't you pop on over and share your hubby's Hey Girl's with 

Thanks for hosting such a FUN party.. hope my hubby forgives me in time for Valentine's day!


  1. So funny! And why don't you make a little photobook for him with all those photos? I'm sure he'd love it! =)

  2. Ha! Loved these. The first one, hilarious. Late for work...teehee! And, I'd love someone to entertain and run the house while I crafted and blogged.

  3. I think everyone can relate to your Hey Girls! The things our husbands and daddies do for family huh? Like let their daughter glue sparkly things on their arm.....


  4. These are adorable! How'd he feel being our entertainment for the day? Well, if it's any consolation, we enjoyed your take on him as one of the hey girl reps. Thanks for the fun!

  5. OMGosh you are making me laugh out loud. LOVE all the pics, he is such a trooper!!

    Thank you for stopping by and following, I'm following back!

  6. HAHAHA! What a good husband for babysitting while you do very important blogging activities. :) Thanks so much for linking up!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  7. Your hubby must have a great boss! He didn't even mind waiting a little longer for you to take the photos! You lucky girl...

  8. If husbands only understood the importance of timely blog posts...and Derek Jeter. Thanks so much for joining in!

  9. You guys are definitely rocking those bug glasses. These were great! Thanks for linking up!