Friday, September 28, 2012

October Overhauling.. Organizing Fabric

In the spirit of the beginning of
October Overhauling
I thought it would be fun to share my first attempt at organizing and cleaning.  So here is my Fabric Stash.  
Holy overwhelming mess!  Yup.. this is the freakishly scary before picture.. 
*warning* if you have a weak stomach.. turn away NOW!
This is what was "hiding" under the table in the kitchen... (not the table we EAT at)
and THIS is what was hiding in my so called "sewing closet" 
So yes, I AM a closet crafter.. literally!
Now my sweet Mommy knows what a pig um Giant Mess I am, so she offered me this sweet organizational tool.
So I grabbed all my fabric and color coded it and NEATLY put it in the baskets which pull out from either side!
Then I grabbed my piles of ribbon and organized them so that they now fit through those cute little holes in the bottom.  
All the extras got placed in a rubbermaid bin.. neatly~
So here is under table AFTER
and the craft closet AFTER!
Mess Managed!
So don't forget that if you haven't signed up yet.. there's still time.
Sign ups are HERE
C'mon .. you know you want to!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Under 300 Followers Blog Hop #20

Hey Pink Hippos!  It's Thursday once again and time for your FAVORITE Thursday Blog hop..
Hosted by Me, Amie @ Pinkapotamus
Lelanie @ To Sew With Love
Now before I introduce our Newest Cohost, Lisa, I would like to share some fun stuff going on Here at Pinkapotamus..
First you can sign up for October Overhauling which you can find out more about HERE and
then a super fun GIVEAWAY from my friend Kate HERE

Hi Bloggy (future) Friends! I am Lisa from akawest, a blog where I share my love of sugar, spray paint, and laughing at life, while inching towards adulthood in my forties. I am the mother of two grown kiddos, and the wife of one very patient man, whom I often coerce into doing fun projects that involve saws, or any sort of measuring, 'cause if precision is involved, you can count me out!

My talents include surviving marathon thrift store shopping, gluing a zillion buttons onto a mirror frame,  sprinting through Disney World, and dressing like a People of Walmart character. I am also an expert at raising a deaf kid, with an expertise that includes creating my own version of sign language, and bunches of silly text messages.

I hate cold weather, but since moving to Florida, I am no longer a witch, and have stopped blogging about shivering in my house, and cursing the snow, and now fill my blog with tales of sneaking tattoo pics at the beach, while pretending to read novels.

Please join me in the fun, where I prove that messily iced cookies taste as good as prettier treats, and your kids will turn out just fine, even if you use Beer World cups at their birthday parties.

A great big THANK YOU, and a hug to Amie, for inviting me to give you a glimpse into my blog. Even though in real life I am sort of a germaphobe, and would just hand you a platter of cookies to show my gratitude, this bloggy hug is a full body bear hug!
Now don't forget to follow your hosts and cohost!  Link up, Grab a Button, Be a Follower and make some NEW bloggy friends!
Pinkapotamus and Friends

Kate Pixley Guest Post & A Giveaway

Hey there I am so excited to finally be able to guest blog with the most wonderful Amie!!! 
My name is Kate, I run a small buisness Kate Pixley Designs, I have a wedding line, a custom bedding line and then an everyday accessories line. I started a couple years ago and have grown so much personally and as a buisness.
I am a mom to now three littles, to anyone who has followed my blog The Multi-Purpose Life there have been many changes in our lives since going on {cough} vacation for two years. My oldest Joshua is 6, my daughter Peyton is 4 and my newest little squish is Greyson and he is just 7 months old. We moved from Vancouver to the Okanagan, which is the most beautiful place I have ever been! I have so much decorating to do so those will be upcoming posts... new baby, new house... {swoon} new studio!!!
 I am always working and creating to number one stay at home with my family, I secondly have a passion for creating all things beautiful and useful, and love to share all the amazing ideas and work you all do!!! I currently mentor a couple women in small business like myself, as I am officially a work from home mama who quit her BORING insurance job, and love sharing how to make it happen... all my do's and don'ts and what worked for me. So if you ever have a question or need a little boost give me a shout!!! I know I needed help, there are so many options, and venues... whats right? How do you pick? What is best for you and your company? A big deal when starting out with little to no money and in a world of so many creative voices! I met Amie a couple years ago when we were first starting out, both new to blog world and we just started to chat, since then she has been an awesome person to help with opinions and just well... life. Because I have been away for so very long... I figure you guys need a super cool giveaway... Am I right??? I love giveaways!!! But whenever I see one I always wanted something eles from their shop... so this is for $20 Gift certificate to my shop YAY!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Good Luck to everyone and I can't wait to see who wins!!! You could even buy this: a perfect Christmas Present... {for yourself}

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enter if you DARE...wreath

Here's my creepy new wreath for Halloween.. 
Pin It
uggh I just GAVE Up.. the kids won.. we are decorating BEFORE the 1st!
Now this is a stashbusting inspiration project to all of you who are considering joining my October Overhauling!
This was made from ALL items in my stash.. 
Want to make one?  Here's how!
Spray paint
Acrylic Paint
Scrapbook Paper
Wood (I used an old Pallet)
Vintage Lace
Creepy black cheese cloth
I started by spray painting my wreath 
BLACK of course!
Next I added my black spooky cheese cloth and hot glued my little crow on the top with a lacy ribbon to hang it.
Then onto the sign.. 
Start with wood and scrapbook paper.
Paint the edges. 
Then Mod Podge the scrapbook paper and the words "ENTER IF YOU DARE"
ohhh.. just gave myself the chills!
And of course add some lace tied to the creepy vintage key and a big SCARY spider.
Now for those of you who are NEW here.. I am a HUGE handmade flower gal.  I put them on everything!
So, I just HAD to add some beauty to the macabe..
Then I glued in my wood sign for real.. (love my glue gun!)
Added some spider webbing.
And hung it on the door!
Ohhhhh.... spoooky!
And for those of you who are interested,
 you can check out my
I am sharing with
The Well Crafted Home
White Lights on Wednesdays
Dragonfly Designs


Monday, September 24, 2012

October Overhauling!

Does your Craft area look like this?
Are you hiding your Craft supplies in creative
 and um not so creative ways?
Well if you Answered "YES"  while jumping and clapping to any or ALL of these questions, then you NEED to join me,
Amie at Pinkapotamus and Amy at While Wearing Heels
October Overhauling! 
October Overhauling
It's easy to sign up.. simply add your home page to link below.. and grab a button for your sidebar!

The rules to play along are EASY!  
First and ONLY RULE:  
No buying craft supplies from Oct 1 - Oct 31st (but you can trade with other bloggers!)
Week 1:   Share your messy craft area!
Week 2:  Clean out your craft area so that it is organized and neat and share your progress!
Week 3:  Make 1 project from your existing craft stash!
Week 4:  Share your experience, what you created and how happy you are NOT be embarrassed by your craft hoarding anymore!
Also we will be featuring YOU guys each week.. our favorite hoarders, crafters and cleaners! 
So come join in the fun and let's get some work done!
Amie and Amy!