Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Like Old Shutters and I Cannot Lie!

I confess... I am a GARBAGE PICKER!  And there is nothing wrong with that.. especially since I couldn't have made these
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Awesome Upcycled Shutter Hair Bow Holders if I wasn't!
Want to make one?  They are soo stinking easy!
nailer (or hammer and nails)
hot glue
Start with your shutter and cut it in half.
Then nail a piece of wood to the bottom
 so that the shutter can stand.
Then hot glue your ribbon to the top and bottom
 with a little slack in the middle so your bows can be clipped on.
Then grab your clippy dippy doos and get clipping!
I used mine for my craft table at a show I did this weekend!

(did you spot my rapunzel hair bow holder, too?)
Check out my sweet hair bow wearing SUPER fans..
bet they wish they had an upcycled shutter bow holder!
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  1. You are so funny! Love the shutter headband hair accessory holder. Love your super fans...love your creativity.

    Now, please, let your glue gun have a bit of a break, she has a wedding to get ready for :)

  2. What a great idea - old shutters are great for show displays! Stopping by from the Under 300 link party!

  3. Love the shutter idea. I too am a "shutter-holic". :)