Friday, September 21, 2012

Skeleton Birdcage

My kids love Halloween.. 
Spooky Scary Halloween.. 
so this creation was ALL their idea!
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Here's how to Make ONE for your house.. 
$1 Store Pedestal
Spray Paint
Glitter Spiders
Paper Mache Skull
Acrylic paint
Start with your Birdcage and Pedestal.  Spray Paint them Black.
While the spray paint is drying paint your skull.
We used brown for the base, white for highlights and then tan to bring it all together and make it look scary.. um spooky aged.
Check him out.. he's creepy!
Then hot glue his head to the pedestal.
Look how Happy he is in his new home!  He he he.. 
Now put the lid on, cover it with spider webs and spiders and have something super scary come out his cheek hole!
Oh.. hold on.. let me show his scary um yeah.. I mean good side.
Poor little guy.. my kids are soo mean to him.. but hey.. they are LOVING Halloween decorating.. yes I said decorating..  I'm NOT ready it's NOT time.. but they just won't STOP!
So I guess this is it.. It's officially the Halloween season in 
MY house!
Hey.. by the way.. did you notice my shiny NEW button?
October Overhauling
Come back on Tuesday for a Tell All!
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  1. Oh yes, he does looks happy in his new home :)

  2. This is so cool!!! Your son looks like he enjoyed making it.

  3. Love this creepy idea!


  4. what a great job - great transformation!