Friday, June 29, 2012


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The Dark Knight.. Painting

Yup that's right.. I painted Batman for my little guys room.. So here he is!
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Doesn't he look angry!?! 
Want to paint one too?  Well, here's how I made mine.

Blank canvas
Acrylic paint
3 Magazine pages
Mod Podge
Scrapbook paper
I started by Mod Podging my canvas with magazine... I do this ALOT cause I like the aged vintage-y look it gives the painting.  Once dry I painted the background with two different grays and added the shape of my batman.  (To make the Batman I made a template of him out of a cereal box)
Next I painted Batman black.
Then I used my Cricut to cut out a yellow oval.
Then I created my Batman logo freehand.
Next I added in all of his facial details and Mod Podged all of my scrapbooked shapes onto the painting.
Last I added all of the little details you see above, shading to the nose and around the top where the cape would be.. and a mouth.. which I really debated on.. but now I just adore!
Villians beware.. for the Caped Crusader has landed in our bedroom!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Under 300 Followers Blog Hop #8

Well, it's Thursdays Pink Hippos.. and you know what that means?  It's time once again for the Under 300 Followers Blog Hop..
A Super fun hop to meet and greet with other new bloggers and make some new bloggy Friends!
So let's meet this week's Featured Blogger!

Hi, I am Nancy, and I blog over at Owen's Olivia.  I started a blog because I was sitting on the couch way too much.  I had all these great ideas in my head, but I never implemented them.  I guess you can say this is my way of forcing me to be productive and a contributor to society.  I am a stay-at-home mom to two year old Owen.  I am creative, artistic, learning how to transform my house into a home, love to sew (but still learning), and I love thrifting, fabric, discovering new talents, and most DIY projects.  My blog definitely reflects the things I enjoy and my desire to include more beauty in my life.  It's a mixture of home design, crafts, and sewing.  I know most people focus on just one thing to blog about, but I like it all and find it hard, at least at this point in my blog, to narrow it down to one field.  My blog will be turning one in July(!!!).  Over the course of the year, I have done a lot.  A lot more than if I had stayed on the couch.  :)  I have tutorials in sewing, crafts, and for the home, so make sure you stop by Owen's Olivia and take a look around for some inspiration.
 A few of my favorite projects include my reusable snack bags, painted curtains, revamping my KitchenAid, and making felt acorn garlands.  My most recent big project was transforming a blah bedroom into a special place for Owen.  There are a lot more photos with details to be seen here.
I hope enjoyed these photos, and I hope to see you around soon.  Thank you, Amie, for including me in your blog hop!  I look forward to meeting more people!

And in case anyone is listening..
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Really, we try to be lovely bloggy ladies.. so if you have questions leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer!   Let us know you follow and we will follow you back!
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Pinkapotamus and Friends!

Super Hero Curtain (My first!)

Awhile back, my boys decided that they wanted a Super Hero Bedroom!  So I made a few things..
and a
But then much like the dog, Doug, in UP.. I got distracted.. Squirrel!
So the boys got bored waiting for me to redecorate their room.. so they took matters into their own hands.. and decided to use some cardboard coral reef paintings I made for the Cutural Fair two years ago..
They are starting to peel off the walls.. and really they need a proper bedroom!  But I do think it's totally Adorable that they wanted to hang them on the walls.

But now again, I have picked up interest in creating a super hero room.. so the first thing I made was this Super Cute super hero Curtain.. (sorry it took so long to get to the point.. but atleast there were pictures!)
So now if you would like to make one.. here is a quick tutorial!
White fabric with black polka dots
Felt of various colors
sewing implements
Hot glue (cause I'm Lazy)

I started by cutting with a piece of scrap fabric
 that I cut into a rectangle to fit the window.
Then I ironed it to get out the wrinkles and to crease the edges for sewing.
Next I sewed down the bottom and side edges flat.  For the top I sewed it so that there was an opening for the curtain rod to fit through.
When it was done it looked like this:
Then I grabbed my felt in red, yellow, green and black.
(ignore the white..)
And I cut out shapes for the words.
I used my Cricut to cut the words.
Then I pinned the letters to my black felt and cut them out.
Then I sewed the shapes onto my curtain.
And last I hot glued the letters onto the shapes.
Yeah.. finally after living here for 3 years.. a curtain!
Take that undecorated window!
So hopefully.. I won't swim around my fishbowl
 and forget to finish the bedroom again!
I'm soo proud of myself.. I actually made my first curtain!
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P.S.  If you made it to the bottom.. I just have to say.. this is the Post that NEVER ends.. yes it goes on and on my Friends!