Sunday, June 24, 2012

Upcycled Magazine Holder.. Take 2

Waaay back in the begining of my blogging days I created THIS ..
from this!
But since then my hubby was nice enough to redo our bathroom.. so I think it is time to give my magazine holder a revamp to match our new bathroom decor.  I decided on the theme of birds and created this vintagey bird painting first.
So I figured that it should kinda of match this painting but it's also kind of a craft fail.. see if you can find the failure!
I started by restoring it to its original golfy ugliness
then repainted it black.
Next I added a some book page scrapbook paper to the interior.
Then I handpainted some little birds on a branch across it.
Viola!   My twice upcycled magazine holder to match my new bathroom decor!
Maybe now if I leave them on the windowsill the hubby will get the hint and make me a frame for my painting and hang it up.. and maybe he will hang the shelf to put the magazine holder on!
P.S.  I made stuff for the bathroom cause um the hubs kept  busting my chops I mean saying that I needed to decorate.. and duh now I have and they are just sitting around collecting dust!


  1. I love the bird theme. I know what you mean about husbands, sometimes I have to take matters into my own hands and hang things myself. If I make a big enough mess, or pretend to, he'll take over. Hee hee hee! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and following. I am following you back.