Friday, April 29, 2011

Crochet Happy!

Guess what?  I made a hat.. yup.. that's right I made my very first crocheted anything and it was a little girls bucket hat!  Whoo hoo!
My church is having a "Goose Fair" in November and I was asked to help make some handmade items.  They have a booth of knitted and crocheted items every year and I usually don't particiapte in making things for that but baskets instead.  However, this year I was invited to a crafting meeting and got thrown right into making a scarf (not done yet).  So with all of the inspiration that is floating around the internet I watched a few tutorials and then added some steps and came up with my very own  bucket hat design!

It's not perfect by any stretch, in fact it's kinda wonky.. but I am sooo proud that I took a little ball of yarn and made something with it!  I even wove some ribbon into it and added a flower with a button!  Yay! 
Now I have to make about a bajillion more.. boy are my fingers going to be tired!
How you knitters and crocheters DO this all the time?
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Greek Chicken Salad

Ever wonder what to with all that leftover chicken?  Well here is one solution we came up with last night..  Greek Chicken Salad! 

4 Cooked Chicken Breasts cubed  (mine were oven roasted in olive oil and salt and pepper)
1 red onion
2 lemons juiced
2 TBLS olive oil
1 TBLS fresh dill chopped
1/4 cup feta cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Combine chicken, red onion, lemon juice, olive oil and dill in a large mixing bowl.

Serve over warm pitas and top with feta cheese.  We had a side of hummus and salad. 

From counter to table in 10 minutes!  Great dinner for a busy week night.. especially on a hot summer night when you don't want to cook!   Yum!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mod Podge Magic Bike Helmet

Lately I have a problem... and this is it. 
Yup.. my little guy is too big for Elmo and doesn't want to be called a baby for his helmet.. so he just won't wear it.   What's a mom to do you ask?  Well bust out the Mod Podge of course and get working!  So first we picked out our design.
He wanted some skulls to look cool like his big brother's helmet which has flames.   So of course, here are the "happy" skulls from my Halloween stash.
I taped off the styrofaom around the plastic of the helmet
and then painted it black.
After it was painted Mr. Pinkapotamus advised me that you NEVER paint a motorcycle helmet black as it is just bad luck and means you're going to crash hard.  But I figure by the time this kid gets a Harley his head will be way too big for his skull helmet anyway. 
Once the paint dried then I just added my cute little skulls and then Mod Podged.

  New Helmet

Happy Kid. 
I swear he wore it all day.. even when he wasn't on the bike!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pink Hippo Party # 26

Happy Monday my lovely followers!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  I want to start with an apology.. I did not get a chance to stop by and comment on every link (or really any links).. my kiddies were home for the week and we were chock full of activities including a trip to the Bronx Zoo!

So now on to my favorites from last week!
First up is this awesome handpainted wall canvas from Amy @
Next up is this huge but amazingly inexpensive wall decor by Jess @
Last but not least is this adorable cake stand with tutorial from Mary @
Ladies grab a featured button and let's get ready to party!
Oh Yeah and don't forget to enter my giveaway @ which ends on April 29th!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter~

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Easter!  Jesus Christ is Risen Hallelujah!
We had a very busy, very tired day. 

Our oldest was soo excited at the prospect of a giant bunny hopping through the house with candy filled eggs and Easter baskets that she woke us up at 2:30 am... NO you did NOT read that wrong.. I said 2:30 am.  We got her back to bed only to be woken up ripped from our sleep then every half hour until we finally caved at 4:45 am.  Now keep in mind that I had been up until 1 am crafting these for my little ones baskets with the help of my partner in crime Mr. Pinkapotamus!
Mr. P. made them then I painted them in a distressed finish in each of the kids' favorite color and then mod podged their names on them!

Then I filled them with lots of fun Easter goodies!
When my little girl came down the stairs she was NOT disappointed!  Here is what she saw!
After a short nap (only for my daughter of course.. a mother's job is NEVER done) it was off to church where my youngest proceeded to tell our Pastor in front of our congregation that Easter was in celebration of Jesus' birthday and that the reason for Easter is chocolate and jelly beans!  Thankfully they all love him and laughed out loud.. yup the entire congregation .. Proud Mommy moment number 437! 
Couldn't catch a pic of him all dressed up he was too busy! 
But here is some Easter egg hunt happiness! 
And of course my outdoors man!

Then it was off for some family fun! 
Hope you had as much fun on this glorious day as we did!
Happy Easter!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Bird Nest

So far I have not made any Easter decorations and Easter is only 3 days away.  Ahhhh!  That's okay.. I have been working on some really cute book page paper mache Easter eggs that have been part of my stashbusting!  

The only problem is that they take a loooong time to make each individual egg.  That being said.. I have only made 6.  So I had to find a creative way to package them into a decoration.. and then ding ding ding!  I had it a winner of an idea.  How about an Easter Egg Bird Nest! 
So now here is how I made it!

Paper Mache Eggs
Book pages
Paper Easter Images
Mod Podge

For the Nest
Dollar store wreath
Burlap or other fabric
Spanish moss
Hot Glue

You can start by making either one.  I started with the eggs. 

First print your Easter images.  I can't remeber where mine came from.. I just googled Vintage Easter images and printed what I liked.  Next cut your book pages into little squares.

Then ModPodge the pages onto the egg.

Once the eggs are done add your image.  Usually I am a little OCD about the bubbles and ripples in my Mod Podge but in this case I thought that the bubbles and ripples added character and a vintage-y effect.

After making the eggs.. I thought that they needed a home so I went through my stash and found an old wreath from the dollar store and some spanish moss. 

 I wrapped the wreath in the spanish moss.
Then I cut a piece of burlap a little larger than the wreath hole and hot glued it to the back.

It looked like this.

Then I added some Spanish moss to the middle of the wreath and hot glued it onto the burlap.

Last I glued the eggs into the nest and added a little yellow bow to dress it up a bit!

Hopefully I will get a few more eggs done and made into another project.. if not Happy Easter!~
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