Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Item Thursday #3.. or um #2 for me!

So here we are on that fabulous day of the week that we call Thursday!  It is also one of the funnest days of the week (and yes .. funnest is a word cause it's my blog and I say so!) because we get to play with craft supplies.  So here we go on another go round in

This week's items are
1. craft wire
2. glass jar
3. scrapbook paper

So I dug deep into my stash (okay not really because all of my crafting supplies are out in t he open much to the chagrin of Mr. P) and found my craft items.  Here are the jars that I have been hoarding for no particular reason, all clean and shiny and ready to be upcylced into something awesome!
And here is what I decided to make .. Upcycled jar Pinwheel lanterns!
So here is your quick tutorial should you ever decide to make some.. and if you do.. send me a quick pic I would love to see them!
Start with your cleaned jars and your craft wire.
Wrap the wire under the lip of the jar.  Twist one side of the wire around loosely and then wrap it over the jar leaving space so that you can use it as a handle.  One the other side wrap the wire around it self to secure it into place.  Then tighten the other side and viola.. you have a handle! 
Next make your scrapbook paper pinwheels.  I did not have double sided paper and they look sooo much prettier with it.. so I glued two pieces of paper together and made my own.  Then cut the paper into squares. 
Mine are 3' to fit on the jar.  Once they are cut fold into a triangle one way and then the other way. 
Then cut on the creases almost to the middle wtihout cutting the center.  Then fold one corner of each triangle in and glue.  
I used a glue shick and then sat a heavy object on top until it dried.  Then I added a paper flower to the middle to hide the point of attachment.  Then I glued to the mason jar wtih craft glue and now I have three adorable Mason Jar Pinwheel Lanterns. 

Great for a fun outdoor barbeque or party and really nice ambiance for a romantic evening with the hubby.. he he he!
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  1. Very cute! I have so many mason jars from a party a few years ago. I used them as candle holders to light a path, but I love the idea of decorating the outside to match a theme. I love themes too, lol.

  2. hiya , really cute jars i am taking part this week too (i love this challenge) i have not got my item ready yet but will post one soon x tfs

  3. Love this! Great idea for a table deco for a cookout. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Cute...check....mason and fun....check! Great all around, and uses mason jars to boot. Love it! Thank you so much for posting at the Beagle.