Monday, April 18, 2011

Pink Hippo Party #25

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of
The Pink Hippo Party! 
So last week I promised that I would share my features and once again life got in the way and well.. um.. I didn't.   So this week I will be featuring both my favorites from this week and last week!  Yay.. finally! So with no futhter ado here they are in no particular order!
Pink Hippo Party #23 favs
First up this adorable hand stiched personalized bird stichery from Vanessa @
Next up is this awesome yellow dress I wish I had from Mariah @
Last is this amazing theater scenery panel from Tammy @
I think that I am seeing a theme here... everything has been sewn.. maybe that is why I have signed myself up for an adult education sewing class!  Hope it helps me go from sewing machine challenged to a sewing diva so that  I can make amazing things too!  (insert raspberry here!)
Now my favs from Pink Hippo Party #24!
First up is this adorable spring purse from Kristen @
Next is this awesome monogram wall by Annie @
And last but not least is this amazing lamp make over from Selina @
blog full view lamp copy
So ladies grab your featured button and followers go visit some new blogs!
Now let's party!