Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mod Podge Magic Bike Helmet

Lately I have a problem... and this is it. 
Yup.. my little guy is too big for Elmo and doesn't want to be called a baby for his helmet.. so he just won't wear it.   What's a mom to do you ask?  Well bust out the Mod Podge of course and get working!  So first we picked out our design.
He wanted some skulls to look cool like his big brother's helmet which has flames.   So of course, here are the "happy" skulls from my Halloween stash.
I taped off the styrofaom around the plastic of the helmet
and then painted it black.
After it was painted Mr. Pinkapotamus advised me that you NEVER paint a motorcycle helmet black as it is just bad luck and means you're going to crash hard.  But I figure by the time this kid gets a Harley his head will be way too big for his skull helmet anyway. 
Once the paint dried then I just added my cute little skulls and then Mod Podged.

  New Helmet

Happy Kid. 
I swear he wore it all day.. even when he wasn't on the bike!
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  1. Genius. He looks like he loves it!!

  2. What a good idea! My daughter was so bummed that there weren't any cool helmets in her size...she got this lame one with the northern lights and penguins. (How random is THAT!?!) I think we'll be dressing up her helmet today. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  3. What a great way to change up a bike helmet. I never would have thought to spray paint it! Love that he was wearing it while swinging too:-)

  4. This is perfect! I can't wait to go get and ugly helmet and turn it into a hip one! Good bye Elmo, Hello skulls. What a coming of age statement his helment is! I just found your blog today and I can't wait to follow.

  5. That is so smart!! I wonder if I could paint my daughter's helmet that she is outgrowing to fit my son...hmmm!! I am going to have check that out tomorrow. Great idea!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your idea at Strictly Homemade Tuesday. Hope to see you back next week!!

  6. I LOVE this idea! The helment turned out amazing!! No wonder your cutie pie wanted to wear it ALL day! I'm so glad you linked it to the Tuesday To Do party! Can't wait to see what lovely you post next!