Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Bird Nest

So far I have not made any Easter decorations and Easter is only 3 days away.  Ahhhh!  That's okay.. I have been working on some really cute book page paper mache Easter eggs that have been part of my stashbusting!  

The only problem is that they take a loooong time to make each individual egg.  That being said.. I have only made 6.  So I had to find a creative way to package them into a decoration.. and then ding ding ding!  I had it a winner of an idea.  How about an Easter Egg Bird Nest! 
So now here is how I made it!

Paper Mache Eggs
Book pages
Paper Easter Images
Mod Podge

For the Nest
Dollar store wreath
Burlap or other fabric
Spanish moss
Hot Glue

You can start by making either one.  I started with the eggs. 

First print your Easter images.  I can't remeber where mine came from.. I just googled Vintage Easter images and printed what I liked.  Next cut your book pages into little squares.

Then ModPodge the pages onto the egg.

Once the eggs are done add your image.  Usually I am a little OCD about the bubbles and ripples in my Mod Podge but in this case I thought that the bubbles and ripples added character and a vintage-y effect.

After making the eggs.. I thought that they needed a home so I went through my stash and found an old wreath from the dollar store and some spanish moss. 

 I wrapped the wreath in the spanish moss.
Then I cut a piece of burlap a little larger than the wreath hole and hot glued it to the back.

It looked like this.

Then I added some Spanish moss to the middle of the wreath and hot glued it onto the burlap.

Last I glued the eggs into the nest and added a little yellow bow to dress it up a bit!

Hopefully I will get a few more eggs done and made into another project.. if not Happy Easter!~
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