Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Hippo Party #65

Happy Monday Pink Hippos!  We had a super crazy weekend.. starting with our very first Pinewood Derby.. that my middle guy won for Tigers!
  Whoo hoo.. now we move on to district to race other Tigers!  Then it ended with a sleepless night for the same guy who spiked a fever of 102.. Yikes!   Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Here are this week's features from our Short Party last week!
First up is Rikka @ who made this awesome "naughty notions" clutch
which I just adore.. I want one too!
And our Most clicked link this week comes from Lindsay @ made these adorable V-day apothecary jars.
Sooo stinking cute, right?
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Conversation Heart Gumball Machine

Valentine's Day could never be complete without some conversation hearts, right?  So here is my Sweet creation without the calories!
Want to make one?  Well you're in luck.. here's the tutorial!
Clay pot
Clay lid
glass bowl
wood hearts
scrapbook paper
acrylic paint (spray paint too!)
hot glue gun
Mod Podge

Start by painting your clay pot.. I used spray paint but forgot to take a picture.. whoops!
Then paint your cute little wood hearts.  I used red and white.
Once the paint dried then I cut hearts out of glitter scrapbook paper and glued them to the hearts with a glue stick.  In this situation it works better than the Mod Podge.   Then I Mod Podged the words onto the glittered hearts.
Here's what all my little hearts had to say!
Next I glued half of a styrofoam ball to the top of my clay pot.  I had to fudge it a little since I didn't have quite enough hearts.  So I added this to take up a little extra space.
Then I put my little hearts into the glass bowl, trying to make the glittery words face out.  Then I put it on top of the clay pot.  Then glued the lid onto the top of the bowl.  Then I added some little embellishments to the front and top.
Last I added a ribbon and placed it on the mantle!
Can't wait to see what you have to share tomorrow on the Pink Hippo Party!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

US, WE Blocks for V-day!

Yay! It's less than a month away now!  So here is a quick project I made to add to the V-day decor (what little has been created)!
US, WE Photo blocks of me and the hubs through the years.. I know .. so awww, right?
I started with these blocks that I had in my stash.
I painted them brown and left them kind of lightly painted with red undertones on the bottom.
 Then I Mod Podged them with some $1.97 scrapbook paper from AC Moore.
 And I painted the "We" and "Us" brown and glued onto the blocks.
Then I found some cute pics of US from our premarriage days.. back when we were sexy(er) and young(er).. and I photcoppied them in black and white on my printer.
Then I cut some sparkly hearts and glued the pics onto them.  Then I Mod Podged them onto the cubes.
Last I added our first picture together to a wood heart the top.
And here "WE" are!
Thanks for taking this crafty stroll down memory lane wtih me!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's In a Name?

Not much crafting going on around here, except for orders and the occasional birthday gift.  I find that for gifts for the kids friends I just LOVE giving name signs.  I think it stems from being named Amie with the IE.. you know as a kid I was unable to get anything from the store with my name on it, which of course always made me feel bad about my name.  So I think it's just fun to give a gift that is personal. 
So here is the newest gift I made for my daughter's friend Maya.
The best part is my daughter got to help.  She picked out all of the paper, designed the layout and decided on all of the colors.  I think she did a GREAT job!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Hippo Party #64!

Okay.. let's just say.. Better LATE than NEVER!  That's the story of my life these days.. 3 kids, multiple activities for each, plus all of my voluteer jobs including boy and girl scout leader, sunday school coordinator, tic toc docent, wife, housekeeper, laundry fairy, small business owner.. etc, etc, etc .. so sometimes I FALL behind.. this week is just one of those weeks!  So thanks to all of you who have stuck around.. and to all of you who have just joined us.. I hope that I don't disappoint you!  Now enough babbling.. let's get on with this week's features!
First up is this beautifully rustic kids table
Next up is Marissa from who made this stinking adorable outfit and coat for an American girl doll
that my daughter would just adore!
And our most clicked link this week came from Andrea @ who made this awesome big boy bed
from wood pallets!
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pink Hippo Party #63!

Happy Monday Pink Hippos!  Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing what you do.. Mondays just wouldn't be as fun without you! 
Here are this week's most clicked links!
First up is Lindsay @ who was generous enough to share some organizational genius with us in the form of a weekly printable!  (She's also hosting a fun giveaway today!)
Next up is Jessica @ who took an ordinary pair of knee socks and made them awesome with some lace and buttons
 for alot less than buying boot socks!
And our MOST clicked link this week was from Randee @ who made this oh sooo yummy looking  Gorilla bread! 
I think I gained 10lbs just reading her post .. it looks so decadent!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Letters for a Friend

My next door neighbor who is also one of my besties had a baby about six months ago.  She is Gorgeous and her name is GRACE!  When she was born I bought some super curly Q letters for her room..
but since it wasn't painted I waited on doing them.. but yesterday I found my incentive to get started.. yup .. a SALE at Joann's.  Scrapbook paper was on sale for $2.97 per book and I found these beautiful vintagey shabby chic books
 and fell in LOVE.. and so did my nieghbor.
So here are my GRACE letters:

Want to make some Mod Podge letters too?  Well here's how!
I started by painting my the outside edges of my letters pink.
Then I laid them face down onto the scrapbook paper that I wanted and using my cutting mat I cut around them with a razor knife.
Once the letter was cut
I applied my Mod Podge and pushed out all of the air bubbles, making sure that the paper was fully glued. 
 Once dry I sanded the edges so that any roughness was gone. 
They looked pretty..
but I thought that they needed a little something extra.  So I used the punched flowers in my new books and added them to the letters. 
Here are some close ups of the letters!

Hopefully Debbie will love her surprise when she gets home.. I know I do~
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