Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Hippo Party #64!

Okay.. let's just say.. Better LATE than NEVER!  That's the story of my life these days.. 3 kids, multiple activities for each, plus all of my voluteer jobs including boy and girl scout leader, sunday school coordinator, tic toc docent, wife, housekeeper, laundry fairy, small business owner.. etc, etc, etc .. so sometimes I FALL behind.. this week is just one of those weeks!  So thanks to all of you who have stuck around.. and to all of you who have just joined us.. I hope that I don't disappoint you!  Now enough babbling.. let's get on with this week's features!
First up is this beautifully rustic kids table
Next up is Marissa from who made this stinking adorable outfit and coat for an American girl doll
that my daughter would just adore!
And our most clicked link this week came from Andrea @ who made this awesome big boy bed
from wood pallets!
Ladies grab your featured button and let's get this party started!  Grab a party button,
Pink Hippo Party
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  1. wow thanks for the feature! I had no idea anyone even came over to look at it. That kids table is stinkin adorable!
    Jada roo can do

  2. 'Great party! Thank you for hosting! -Marci