Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be Mine Banner

Guess what I got for Christmas?!? 
Yup.. a new Cricut Expression 2!  Yay for me! 
But I have to be honest.. I am completely terrified of using it.. uggh.. So I figured that since I conquered my fears and projected with it.. I would share my project.. Yes.. you guessed it.. a Be Mine Banner for V-day!
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The best part about it.. is that is was completely free!.. Yup.. I used last year's Valentine's paper, ribbon and a girl just can't live without twine!
Here's a couple close ups for you.
I am so proud to no longer be a Cricut Expression 2 Virgin!
Have a great Saturday!
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  1. Looks SO cute!! I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and I am intimidated about using it too! I guess everyone starts somewhere....

  2. Love your banner! Don't you just love your cricut?! I use mine for so many things.

  3. What a fun 1st project! Really cute! Welcome to the world of Cricut. :)

  4. Simply too cute. I seriously need to buy a Circuit, but finances say NO right now. It also kinds of scares the crap out of me. Anything new these days sends me for a loop. Really very cute, applaud yourself! Wishing you might consider sharing this over at Sunday's Best party going on now.

  5. Ps - you blog name is really cool! now following you!

  6. A great first project. The more you use it the less it will intimidate you, PROMISE!!!! Like Cathy, I love your name and am following. I hope you will stop over and consider following back.

  7. that turned out great! I'd love you to add it to my What We Wore and Made link party over at (see the link on the top of the page)

  8. Thanks for linking up, I can't believe how quickly you mastered the Circuit and made such a cute banner. I'll be featuring this project and hope you have time to come on over this weekend and link up again!

  9. A great first project, looks lovely! I'm so undecided over my Cricut, wish those cartridges weren't so expensive over here, thinking of selling it and just buying a pair of fancy scissors!