Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mod Podge Bunny Boot Bouquets

I bought these cute paper mache boots at Michaels and thought that they would be adorable for some spring or Easter bouquets.  So here they are!

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Want to make some?  These are super easy!
Paper Mache Boots
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper
Washi Tape

Paint Brush
Bunny Craft Punch
Start by painting your boots.  I used Martha Stewart pearl pink.
Next add some detail by painting the bottoms and top section in a coordinating color.
I used a rubber band to make a neat edge.
Then punch your bunnies (no bunnies were hurt in the making of these boots!)
Mod Podge them onto your boots
until they are covered. 
Add a strip of washi tape
so they look like this.
Last fill them with flowers of your choice... 

now normally mine would have been handmade but I'm running out of time here!
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Amie @ Pinkapotamus

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Burlap Bunny

Easter is Sunday!  Yikes and double yikes.. 
I have nothing done.. not even a single bunny in the house to decorate.. until now that is!
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This cutie is a free standing burlap bunny!  Want to make one.. or lots of them?  Here's how!
Pom Poms
Wood Circle 

Sewing machine
Hot Glue Gun
Start by pinning your bunny silhouette to a piece of burlap that has been folded over with steam a seam in the middle. 
Then cut out your bunny shape and sew around the edges 
so she looks like this.
Next hot glue your bunny nose and bunny tail in the appropriate places and paint your bunny ears.
Then paint your eye black and add some white dots for highlights and a cute ribbon collar.
Last hot glue a wood block to the back so you can stand your bunny anywhere!
I think I am going to make her some friends so that she's not so lonely!  
Now I'm off to get hopping on some more Easter Decorations!
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Amie @ Pinkapotamus

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pink Hippo Party #119

Hey Pink Hippos!  Happy Monday!  Today is the day that I sigh a great BIG sigh of relief.. Cultural fair is done for another year and my BIG craft show (which was a BUST) is done too!  Now it's time to get crafty for Easter.. oh yeah and if the hubby is reading this .. um CLEAN the house!
So here are this week's features!
First up is my friend Margie from Margie O' Hara Art who made this
oh so yummy looking Creme Brulee (hope she invites me over for some!)
Next up is Jo from Must Have Wear who upcycled her old rocker into this
gorgeous one for her new nursery!  Congrats JO!
Then we have Cheryl at Sew Can Do who made this
Adorable candy free Easter Basket.
And last but not least is Lisa from Stubbornly Crafty who made these
Itty Bitty Handmade Baby Dresses by Stubbornly Crafty
fantastic little dresses.. Can't decide which one I like best!
Now it's your turn to be featured!
Pink Hippo Party
Link up, Grab a button, be a follower (so you're not left out of the fun!) and just have fun!

Amie @ Pinkapotamus

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bunny Blossoms Hair Bows

Hopping over just in time for Easter are these adorable "Bunny Blossoms" hair bows that I made for my little girl.
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I scored these sweet little Wood Bunnies
from WholePort  and whipped up these sweet Easter accessories
 in no time and you can too!
Headband (I used a metal headband and a stretchy one)
Felt (or Fabric)
Sewing machine
Hot Glue Gun
I started by cutting some folded Hot Pink felt
 into a ruffly shape like flower petals.
Then I pinned it in a few places and sewed it together along the edges
 so it looked like this. 
Next I added a little hot glue to the edge and the bottom
 and started rolling and gluing the felt
 until it made a flower.
Then I hot glued a Chiffon Lace Flower to the middle.
and a wood bunny.
Next I cut a small strip of felt
 and hot glued it around the headband. 
Last I glued the whole flower onto the headband over the wrapped felt and viola a sweet headband for my little lovey to wear on Easter!
And one for my neighbors 1 year old too!
Hope you get hopping on your Easter projects!
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