Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Overhauling - Paint Organization

Uggh.. I have PAINT everywhere!  
In the craft cabinet,
in the basement,
and of course on the table...(not pictured) which by the way the hubby reminds me is NOT my personal crafting center. 
Can someone PLEASE tell this man that I adore that I NEED a craft room.. ASAP so that I have a personal crafting center! 
Now onto the organizing!
So I took ALL of my paint supplies and brought them to one giant pile .. um, designated area, otherwise known as "the table" .  Then I went through them.. checked to see what was full or empty, dry or useable.  Then I tossed some and organized the remaining paint and glitter into bins by size and cleaned out the center section of the craft hoarders hiding devivce.. I mean "the craft cabinet".
Now it is neat and organized.. hopefully I can maintain that while I am in the middle of a project that requires lots of colors. 
But, WAIT.. organizing the paint led to an overhaul of the main part of the craft cabinet!  Now it looks like this!
A bin for letters and punches, 
and a basket filled with my glue and tape.
I also went through my craft bins and emptied and reorganized them.
I think I need a craftervention!
Can't wait to see your progress next week!  I am loving seeing all of your messy rooms.. this is such great motivation for me!


  1. Oh my goodness. You have a bin of letters??? You make me laugh. I am impressed with what you have accomplished so far.

  2. I'm with Amy here - a bin for letters? I bet you're prepared for any kind of craft idea that comes your way. I'm not going to admit that I'm a wee bit jealous here ;-)

  3. Wow!!!! You have tons of paint! I have only a little pink box with 4 tubes of paint in it.... aaand.... YOU!!! Wow, you must have such a fun time with all of those! Thanks for sharing your love of PAINT..... I've used some today and posted on my blog about what I've done.... Maybe you'll stop by?

    Love all your paint....'

    Sensible Sarah

  4. Dang, that's a lot of organizing!

    Your hubby is like mine. He whines about my taking over every flat surface in the house. But only because he's messy too and wants the flat surfaces for himself. (I'm crazy about him not putting even ONE THING on the kitchen table while my crafty stuff is there--I just pick up his item, say a firm "no", and move it).

  5. Wow, you could totally open your own craft store!

    I was so stoked to take part in this, but as a good mummy I have sacrificed my craft space back to the dining room, sob sob, so I now have nothing to overhaul!

    Will definitely be keeping an eye on how this goes for when I do get to unpack all my my craft stuff again!