Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Farewell to My Glue Gun

NO, I am NOT giving up crafting or blogging but.. over the weekend a Good friend of mine was laid to rest.. 
Glouise, my Glue gun.
She was a wonderful glue gun.. look how shiny and new she was tied with a bow! 
Here is the first project we worked on together.
She was a lovely glue gun.. I know she didn't MEAN it all those times she slipped or dripped glue and burned my skin til I blistered. 
We spent many long hours together 
creating beautiful things.
She was like my 
crafting partner in crime. 
And I am going to miss her 
and her trusty napkin holder stand. 
But it was either Glouise or the house (cause she came pretty darn close to burning it down.. YIKES!) so Glouise had to go.  She'd been spewing glue for days.
She was a great friend and I am going to miss her.. 
but I am sure that 
Gloubert and I will get along just fine!
We already created our first project together..
a sweet little crown for a mini Prince Charming!


  1. OMG! Love the name Gloubert, I'm sure he will make you proud, but so sad to see Glouise go, at least you will always have the memories. (and any burn marks)

  2. Wow that is one monster glue gun!

  3. Oh no, how sad! You should have a wake in her honor, hotgluing anything in sight! Maybe a more manly glue partner like Gluebert will make you happy again! ;-)

    PS Me and my glue gun - not friends! I'm too stupid to use it and always hot glue my fingertips. Not a good idea.

  4. I so love that you have names for your guns and I think they are great names! Glouise and Gloubert so funny!

  5. So sorry Glouise had to go, but that is the way it works sometimes. Glad you got Goubert, and hope he is can be 1/2 the glue gun that Glouise was. :)

  6. Such a cute post! May Goubert bring you comfort as you mourn Glouise's passing. RIP sweet Glouise!