Friday, October 19, 2012

October Overhauling - Stashbusted Letters

Sunday is my little buddy's Big Day..
his Christening!  
So of course, I just HAD to be involved in making stuff for his BIG celebration.. so after creating centerpieces I thought it would be fun to make him something for the gift table.
So here are J.J.'s Giant J's!
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It was a nice EASY stash bust.  
Paint giant letters, distress them.  
Paint mini letters and glue them on.  
Add leftover pinwheels from centerpieces to the back. 
Oh and the BEST part is that when the party is over they match his bedroom!  *Bonus*
Happy Stashbusting Overhaulers!
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  1. Congrats on your big day!

    What a cool idea for a centerpiece or gift table! And it's even better if you can use the pretty Js lateron in his room.

    The photo with the fabric crown is just cute! =)

  2. What a sweet addition to the baptism decorations and his room...and a great use of some of those giant letters you have collected :). And, who might I ask is your little buddy? He is ADORABLE...especially adorned in one of your crowns.