Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swirly Twirly Vintage Key Windchime Thingamabob

Um yeah.. I think the name says it all, right? 
Okay, not really.. but here it is!
It was soo easy to make.  I took a steel rod that the hubby got me and twisted a loop at the very top with pliers.
  Then I wrapped it around a thin bottle to make the swirly shape.
Then I gave it a little pull to create the shape I wanted. 
  Next I added lots of pretty beads and my vintage keys to make this beauty!
Looks soo pretty on my porch and adds a little touch of color and whimsy.. especially on this gray NJ kind of day!
p.s. I have the BEST hubby ever.. yesterday he came home and suprised me with a brand new camera.. just because!  And the day before he came to my rescue when I had a flat tire!
  Isn't he just the awesome?
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  1. This is the way blog posts should be labelled, awesome! I need a twirly whirly doodah thingy, stupid flies trying to get in the house now we have the doors and windows open, one of these in the door way might put them off!

    Can you ask your hubby to speak to my hubby please, he came home yesterday with a new..... broom!

  2. I'm thinking about making a variation on this for a friend. Where did you get/how much did you spend on beads for that project? I'm finding beads with holes big enough for that wire are pretty pricey.