Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spoon Pendant

The hubby and I have been on the hunt for old spoons... now.. this may seem quite an odd thing to seek out.. but he wants to make me a windchime (similar to this one from http://jos2ndact.blogspot.com/ ) out of old spoons.
  Sweet, isn't he?
Well, we recently had a neighbor who was moving who had to clean out her house who donated this HUGE bag of silverware to our crafty cause!
So in the meantime, I have been wracking my brains of other cool things that I could make out of upcycled spoons, when it hit me that it would make a cool pendant.
So I took one of the spoons that my hubby flattened (did I mention that we have really cool tools?). 
Then I bent it so that the ends would meet.
Next I spray painted it flat black.
Once it was dry I used my hot glue gun to add some cool jewels
that I got from an old bracelet I bought from a garage sale for $1.
Then I got some black cord and made it into a cool necklace.
And here it is on me!  It's really BIG..next time I might try to cut the bottom off to make it a bit smaller.. or of course I could always try a smaller spoon!
Double upcycle.. so cool!
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  1. So cool! You did a great job upcycling some pieces!

  2. Such a fun piece! Way to upcycle!

    Thanks for sharing!
    @ Creatively Living