Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stumble Upon Party #2

Happy May Day Pink Hippos!  Why not start May out with a super fun StumbleUpon Party!
Join us for our second week of Stumbleupon party

brought to you by
To Sew With LovePinkapotamus
Forgetful Momma and A little bit of everything

This party will be up for three days only so make sure to link-up and stumble to your heart's content!

To join the party:

- link up the post url you'd like for us to stumble. 

- under description field, add the post title and your blog's name.

- click at least 2 of the linkies before you. It's great to support each other! 

- stumble their post or give them a thumbs up

- first and second links, please stumble the last or last two linkies. 
- only one submission per blog per link-up party.

Easy-peasy, right?
Now, are you ready to have some link up fun?

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