Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Children's Book Name Sign

Seriously.. I make Waaaaay too mny name signs.. but hey it's what I love to do!  So this one was a bit different cause one of my Bff's little guys is turning 2 and he just got a new Lightning McQueen big boy bed room.  Obviously NO boy's room is complete without a cute name sign.. so here is my latest version..made from a Cars book!
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I made it with a book that I purchased and then I painted the background and Mod Podged the cut up pieces of the book onto the plaque.  My apologies to any librians that I have offended in creating this sign. 
I tried to get all of the characters into the background and have it match up pretty closely. 
I also painted the letters so that they would have the lightning bolt across them and the white background.
Hope Jake and his Mommy love it!
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  1. That is ADORABLE and the possibilities are endless!