Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun Mom Moments from the Pink Hippo

I became a mom on August 4, 2002 when I delivered a sweet little girl. (she was 2 here)
  I was only 22 and totally over the moon in love with this wonderful little creature that God had given to us.
   I was a new stay at home mom and knew NOTHING about taking care of a home and the baby thing was new..
Enter Awesome Mom Moment #1
Bring home new baby.. assume that breastfed babies DO NOT need to be burped.  Continue feeding poor child who is crying because you think she is hungry until her little tummy is SOOOO full that it ALL comes out!  Never knew you could be covered from head to toe in breastmilk from someone sooo tiny!
Babies DON'T come with instructions.. darn!
Things I never thought I would have to say:
1.  Put your brother down, you are not a professional wrestler and he is NOT your opponent.
2.  We do not wear capes at the table.
3.  Poop goes in the toilet.. not smeared all around it!
4.  It is 30 degrees outside.. no you may not wear SHORTS!
5.  Please don't call your brothers, pests, pesto faces or little monsters!
6.  Get off the table and STOP eating the butter!
7. Is that a bug in your mouth?
8.  Please stop eating the Sheetrock!
9.  Yes, sexy does mean attractive but , no, it is NOT a child appropriate word.  (to my 5 year old)
10.  Can Mommy, please have her bras back?

And here are the grandmothers, who have meant so much to me my whole life that I lost this year.. I miss them soo much.
And my husband's grandmother, just last week.
Cheers to all of you Mommas out there!
And especially to my Momma!  You're the best!
Happy Mother's Day from the Pink hippo family!



  1. Oh, the things we say...


    I miss my grandmother, too! They are special people!

  2. reading the things you never thought you would say! Happy Mother's Day Amie!!