Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Silliness!

This week has been abnormally C-R-A-Z-Y!  Not only was I working on my fabric flowers.. but my little guy needed a costume for his super fun Letter Person Party.. He had to come as the letter "G" who has Gooey Gum.
I added all of the little red accents and the G to the shirt.. then I made the gum hairband and painted his white jeans with red stripes.
Here he is with his Letter Friend.
Then he had a Parent Appreciation Day and we got to see the cute portrait he made of me and the hubs.. (hilarious.. cause I look sooo suprised!)
Then we had Artventures!  Where the older kids got to display their artwork too!
First is my middle guys totem pole that I helped his class make.
And the cityscape
And Here is his portrait of Me and the Hubby!
And here is lovely little lady with her awesome Cow Art..
 her cow is called "Moo for Two" 
BTW.. Happy cows come from California (lol)
 And last is her Portrait of yours truly..
Hope you enjoyed our weekend fun.. I know I did!
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  1. Those portraits are priceless! Thanks for sharing. Your kiddos are adorable.