Friday, May 25, 2012

Birdie for my Bathroom

So the hubby was complaining last night that he made me a BEAUtiful new bathroom..
and that I have done NOTHING to decorate it and make it look Pretty!
So while we were at Marshalls, I saw this cute bird painting..
and of course rather than buying it I snapped a quick picture and figured that I could paint it myself.   And then I did! See!
Obviously it is a bit different.. but I don't want to complete steal someone else's work.. it was a wonderful inspiration though!
Here's how I made it.. in case you like my little birdie too.
I started with my canvas and some magazine pages.
Then I tore them into pieces and Mod Podged them onto the canvas.
It looked like this when it was completely covered.
While the Mod Podge dried I drew the shape of the bird and the branch.
Then I cut it out.
Next I traced a frame that had fancy edges.
Then I cut out the center to make a sweet border.
Once the magazined canvas was dry, I painted it with red, black and blue.
Then I Mod Podged my birdie, branch and border.
Last I added a cute scroll to the top as per the request of the Hubby.
Here's how it will look in the bathroom someday when it gets hung up.
Now I just have to get the hubby to make me a frame for it!
Happy Friday!
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  1. This looks amazing! I love your innovative use of materials and techniques. Love, love, love!

  2. So smart! You did a really great job and I like it even better than the original! Thanks for linking it up!