Friday, August 26, 2011

Craft 3,2,1

Unless you have lived under a rock.. I am sure that you know all about this craft competition hosted by Amie @

If not.. here is your introduction.. say "Hello!"
The theme for this month's competition is FELT!
I have been dreaming about this project for awhile and I am sooo soo sooo soo excited that I have been able to create it.  For those of you who don't know me.. I have three lovely kiddies
who take up a huge chunk of my heart and time.  So most of what I craft is either home or kid related.  So it is no surprise that when I saw this quote I fell in love with it.
boy: noise with dirt on it
For a girl.. it is Girl, n. 1. a giggle that twirls.
So I decided to use the quote.. but give it my own twist.  
A long time ago in a Michaels far away I bought some of these.
What better object to make a boy sign out of then a boy's silhouette?
So I started by painting my "boy" skin tone. 
 Then I added felt hair and made him a T-shirt, overalls with a frog of course and sneakers. 
Then I added little bits of felt to make dirt.
Last I added the words to make the sign complete,
of course I did shorten it a bit so it fit properly.
And here he is ALL done!
Hope you love my little guy!  And fingers crossed that I make the top 5!
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  1. I love the quotes you used! Your little figure turned out really cute!

  2. I too love that quote - I had never seen the girls quote but I love it. It fits my daughter to a tee. Your little boy looks great.

  3. Haha, this is great! Love the quote, and love your use of the felt! Thanks for linking up Amie!

  4. That is too cute and I love those quotes!