Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink Blog Hop #3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of my Pink Blog Hop!  Today's featured guest is Kari
who says:
I am so excited to be featured on Amie Ann's cool blog! I love everything about her and her bloggy...especially the pink hip hippo! :)

So here are the det's: My name is Kari and I am a stay at home mom to two funny and loving girls (both with the middle names Grace, hence the blog title), a wife to one great hubs as well as a loving daughter to my parents, a supportive sister who loves her little brother and one stellar auntie..... and a pretty awesome friend. I am, ask around. :)

I was born and raised in rural Ohio (except for the three year stint in Chicago when I was a wee one) then moved back to Chicago when I was 19 and I have stayed ever since.
I love to decorate/organize our home but I don't have lots of moola. Or an expense account. Or advertisers who pay me. So my best buds right now are Dollar Tree, Goodwill and Wal Mart. I hope I can inspire you and meet some new fun friends in the process. Most of my creations are made with the word CHEAP in mind, meaning you at home can make them for little or no money because we all like to save money, don't we?

Here are some of her awesome projects!
A cute accent piece
A beautiful picture
An Upcycled Frame Chalkboard Project
A beautiful tray redo
And this sweet door hanger
Thanks Amie Ann for featuring me! I am truly honored and can't wait to meet some new friends!

Kari At A Grace Full Life
Now onto this week's Blog Hop.. remember that the first person to link up this week will be next week's featured friend BUT you MUST be a follower to be featured!

So link up your blog, visit some others and make some new bloggy friends!
Oh yeah.. and don't forget to visit me HERE
to see how to make this sweet little headband!