Sunday, September 2, 2012

Did YOU Miss ME?

Oh my Gosh!  The Pink Hippo Nation just arrived home last night after not 1 but 2 Glorious weeks of VACATION!  It was A-mazing.. and something we had NEVER done before! It started with the LOOOONNNGGG drive from NJ to DC for a quick stop at the National Zoo,
where we stretched our legs and met our very first PANDA!
The next day we arrived safely in our vacation destination of Beautiful Hilton Head, SC where the kids played in the splash park,
Hung out at the beach 
played in the ocean
and Boogie Boarded!
And of course when in ROME or Hilton Head you HAVE to ride bikes,
check out the cool statues
 and visit Frozen MOO
 to have ICE CREAM!
We took a few days trips to Savannah, GA where on the first day we enjoyed some history, 
awesome food
 and of course ICE CREAM!
And the next day we enjoyed some museums,
Creepy Crawlies (YIKES!),
Beautiful Landscapes,
and of course, our FIRST Alligator!
Sadly, our first week ended but on the bright side we ended our trip with a round of mini golf  
and a trip to craft Mecca on the way to Williamsburg, VA!
And since I am SURE that I have overloaded you with a visual tour of our week in Hilton Head, of course it was only a handful of the pics I took since I took OVER 500 for the 
2 weeks, I will share our Williamsburg trip next week!
Hope you guys had fun with all of my A-mazing Guest Bloggers who were generous enough to share their time and talents so I could enjoy my vacation!


  1. Welcome home! It sounds as though you had a great time and made plenty of great memories!!!!!

  2. Hey girl! Looks like you all had a great time, welcome back x

  3. wow looks like a great trip!! Glad you are back!!