Friday, April 29, 2011

Crochet Happy!

Guess what?  I made a hat.. yup.. that's right I made my very first crocheted anything and it was a little girls bucket hat!  Whoo hoo!
My church is having a "Goose Fair" in November and I was asked to help make some handmade items.  They have a booth of knitted and crocheted items every year and I usually don't particiapte in making things for that but baskets instead.  However, this year I was invited to a crafting meeting and got thrown right into making a scarf (not done yet).  So with all of the inspiration that is floating around the internet I watched a few tutorials and then added some steps and came up with my very own  bucket hat design!

It's not perfect by any stretch, in fact it's kinda wonky.. but I am sooo proud that I took a little ball of yarn and made something with it!  I even wove some ribbon into it and added a flower with a button!  Yay! 
Now I have to make about a bajillion more.. boy are my fingers going to be tired!
How you knitters and crocheters DO this all the time?
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Fantabulous Friday!


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  1. Impressive! (I wish I knew how to crochet or knit, but I am not sure I need another hobby! :)