Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fondant is your FRIEND!

Today is my girlfriend Leslie's Baby Shower!  Yay!  We've known each other since high school.. so when she got preggers with her second baby (a girl.. whoo hooo!) her Mommy asked if I would make the favors.. so of course I said "YES"!
Leslie requested my sugar cookies made into baby shapes.. so here they are!
Now I made these with rolled fondant.. not as scary as it sounds.. really it was easy!
If you want to make some.. here's a quick tutorial.. cause I have to get ready to party!
Start by baking sugar cookies.. I love Alton Brown's recipe  I just swap the milk for vanilla.
Once they are cooled then make your fondant.. (it was late when I did this so no pics :(  sorry)
I used this Recipe  and when my KitchenAid decided it was too much I used the tools God gave me.. my hands!   Great arm workout too!
Once I made the fondant I rolled it out on a powdered sugar counter and cut out the shapes with the cutters I used to make the cookies.
Next I used my finger to put water on the back of the fondant cut out.
Then I adhered it to the cookie and pressed it down lightly so that it was stuck.
Then I grabbed my baking assistant and had her make my Fondant flower embellishments.
We make a great team! 
Last we added two cookies per bag and wrapped them up for a sweet shower favor!
So if you are thinking of trying fondant.. go for it!  Start small and cookies cutters are your fondant's best friend!
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