Friday, June 22, 2012

Old Mirror to New Shabby Chic Jewelry Hanger

My neighbor had several of these old IKEA mirrors hanging around and gifted them to me.
So I thought it would be a really cute Jewelry hanger for my little lovey.. so I got busy painting it and adding some hooks and embellishments to make it special for her!
Want to make one?  It was super easy! 
I started by painting the mirror white.. just to cover the original black color.
Then I painted over the white with two shades of pink.
Then I blotted the two colors together with a paper napkin to blend the colors together.
Once the paint was dry I added a coat of Crackle Medium.
Then I hit it with a coat of white paint so it looked like this.
Once dry I turned it over and added my hooks to the bottom.  Trust me when I say it was made of some solid wood.. so I used a screw and screwdriver to make the holes then just twised the hook in.
Once the hooks were added it was time to make it pretty!  So I added my Upcycled Newspaper Mache Flowers
and a BIG C for Cassandra and a little lace.
Then I grabbed some of her jewelry and hung it on her door!
She adores it.. so pretty and feminine and a perfect way to upcycle a sweet little mirror!
Seriously, I just love upcycling.. feels so good to make something new from something old!
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  1. great idea!!! i have the same mirror and i think im gonna give it a go...