Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Page Roses

I love Books!  Everything about them.. and I especially old book page projects.  So this morning while my little ones were still snuggled in their beds I made these cute
Book Page Roses!
Want to make some?  They were super easy!
Book pages
wood dowels
Hot Glue
I started by ripping out several pages from on old book.
Then I cut the pages into a big circle.
Then I cut a swirl pattern out of the circle.
Next I glued the outside end to a dowel with my hot glue gun.
Then glue a bit more on the paper and fold and glue around the dowel.
Keep going around and around the dowel.
When the flower is complete it should look something like this.
Then cut out some paper leaves.
And hot glue under the flower.
Once glued together grab some paint for the rose and some for the leaves and dry brush it onto the flower and leaves.
When my were all done, I just put them in a small clay pot.
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