Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Boy Shirt

I Owe you guys some posts for this week.. Sorry.. I have been running around like crazy with the kids this week and trying to focus a bit more on my health and well being by actually spending some quality time with my boyfriend GYM after the kiddies are sleeping.  (Oh yeah and the camera running out batteries did not help either!) 
That being said at the end of the day when I am usually standing before my computer posting or hanging out at the table crafting.. I have been SLEEPING!  So for those of you who left for lack of posting this week a big raspberry to you..(cause it's kinda mean.. and I don't even know how to unfollow someone) but to the rest of you who have hung in..
Now on to the crafting!
As I may have mentioned my littlest guy was born on V-day (so adorable!) and today is his Valentine party at school and they are going to celebrate his birthday.  So I had to have something fabulous for him to wear... Now I may be crafy but sewing is NOT one of my strong suits.. but I CAN paint (Cause I don't have an expression or a silhouette)!  So I busted out my old school Cricut and made my special guy a Pirate Valentine shirt!

And here is one my of my LOVE in his pirate shirt!
Too adorable, right?

And By the way I am writing this post at 2am while I am NOT sleeping and in the process of baking 4 dozen Heart shaped sugar cookies to decorate for said party. I think I may have some issues!

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  1. I looooooove it. That pirate is too darn cute and the catch phrase is adorable. I love a good pirate voice. Another great boy Valentine shirt!