Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken Mirror to Upcycled Cork Board!

Don't you just love a Great DEAL!?!  I know I do.. so when the hubs and I found this sweet mirror
for $10 on clearance we bought two... and of course being good sharers we gave one to the neighbors.
But .. oh no.. the neighbor broke hers.. YIKES!  7 years bad luck.. darn! 
But.. dada dum.. Pink Hero (he he he!) to the rescue!  I made it into this awesome cork board for her kitchen~
Want to see how?  Well, here it is!
I started with the empty frame, some fabric and an old cork board.
First I popped the back of the frame out.
Then I used the frame as a template for the cork board and I cut with a razor knife.
Here is the cut out.
Then I fired up my trusty glue gun
(notice my fancynapkin holder um I mean glue gun holder..
and then glued the cork to the back of the frame.
Ready for my fabric, Mr. Deville!
Next I hot glued the fabric over the cork board by placing it over the board and pulling it taut and then glueing and pulling all around.
Then I screwed it back into the frame.
And brought it over to the neighbor.. who loved it soo much she grabbed  a hammer and nails and got busy hanging it up!
So happy to be able rescue her from bad luck and a bare wall!
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  1. hiya really cute project and how nice are you to your neighbours x tfs ps cool glue gunholder ;)

  2. That is AWESOME! You're such a good neighbor, too!

  3. This is such a cute project! And your posts are full of energy and excitement! I'm a new follower :)