Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pick Your Plum.. Surprise!

Have you heard of the Show Us Your Plum Party..

Manic Mother

Well, awhile back  they offered to send a free Pick Your Plum surprise in the mail in exchange for some creativity.. well you know me (or if you don't then.. ) I'm always up for a challenge so Of course I joined right in! 
About a week later I got these cute little birdie charms in the mail..
and what did I do?  Well to be perfectly honest.. I PANICKED!  Yup.. I am NOT a jewerly making kind of girl.. so this was totally out of my comfort zone.  So for a while I procrastinated in picking my project.. and the especially daunting task of making not 1 but 3 pieces of jewelry.. YIKES! but I DID eventually do it! 
So want to see what I made?  Of course you do.. so here are my 3 pieces of jewelry.. I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was with the results!
Each individual piece is unique and differs from the other in the way that the bird on a wire is used and highlighted.
The first one I made was the sweet little bracelet for my daughter.  She loves jewelry and anything that is turquoise so I made her a "jingle bird" bracelet.
To create this piece I used elastic string, beads, bells and a twist clasp.
The second piece which I made for myself was a beaded necklace in which the bird is placed on top of two washers that were scrapbooked and Mod Podged with dimensional magic. 
To make this necklace I used elastic string, brown beads, scrapbook paper, two washers and Mod Podge dimensional magic.
I started by Mod Podging my washers with scrapbook paper.
Once dry, then I topped them with dimensional magic which gives them some texture and a glazed look.

Once everything was dry, then I added the bird to the washers and put them on the string.  Once put together I got busy beading the necklace.  I made this one super long so that I could wear it either long or as a wrapped necklace.
The last necklace I made was a choker made out of a zipper.  I took the less is more approach here.
This one was by far the EASIEST to make and only took about 5 minutes total.
To make it I used a zipper, velcro, needle thread and my glue gun.
First I sewed the open end of the zipper closed.  Then I sewed the birdie onto the middle of the zipper.
Last I hot glued the velcro to both ends.
Here I am wearing both necklaces together!
Love it!.. I am soo going to wear this on my next date night with the Hubs!
So I have to give a BIG BIG thank you to Ashley and Jeanette for letting me participate in this fun party.. and a SUPER BIG thank you to Pick Your Plum for supplying such great products, I know I will be checking my email daily for some fun new product ideas.
Hope you enjoyed this journey outside my comfort zone.. I know I did!
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  1. I would have panicked too!! But you totally came through--- 3 pieces, even.

    Great job and thanks for sharing!

  2. You did an amazing job!! I'm so proud of you!! I think we pushed a few people out of their comfort zones and everyone has been pleasantly surprised at what they could do!! I love the choker!! We appreciate you linking with us!! Hope you find more from PYP and link up again!! hugs!!

  3. The choker zipper is really neat! You did a great job!!

  4. oh wow! you got really creative with these cute little birds. I love all the pieces you made. I think I would have freaked out too but you did awesome.

  5. Wow! You are super crafty! I love all that jewelry!

  6. I love those! I bet your daughter loved her bracelet. The necklace and choker turned out awesome :)