Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pirate Party Hats!

As you may know my littlest guy turned a big 5 on Tuesday!
 And now it is time to have a party.. so we picked a Pirate theme.  Since it is in two weeks.. I have plenty of time to get ready.. Of course I am sure it will come down to the wire.. but a girl can always try dream!
So the first thing that I decided to make was the pirate hats for all of my little swashbuckling partygoers.
If you have seen them in the store they are upwards of $3 a piece (making a total of $66) so for $6 for two yards of felt.. I get 22 pirate hats!  Yay!
Here's how I made them!
Black, white and red felt
Hot glue gun
Fabric paint
I started by making a pattern for the hat.
Then I pinned it to my black felt and added several inches to the end so that it would wrap around the kids' head.

Next I glued the bottom in a bit so that I could add the red felt for a bandana look.
Next I glued on the red felt.
Then I glued on my pirate skull that I cut out of white felt.
Next I painted white around the top and added features to my skull.
Then I found meself some pirates.. Arrgh!
Shiver me timbers!
Walk the plank!
Now if you'll excuse me only 21 more to make!
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  1. Hi, just to let you know I have awarded you the 'Versatile Blogger Award'... hope you like it, details on my blog... Rx

  2. Looks like your kids had fun! We are featuring this on the blog today! ^^)