Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Upcycled Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are fun for everyone.. but I always feel like they need something fun to be given in.. so I made this one from an upcycled cereal box!
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Want to make one for someone special?  It's super easy!
Cereal Box
Paper Mod Podge
Foam Brush 
Scrapbook Paper
Paper Score Board and Scorer 
Letter Punches (optional)
Start by cutting out your gift card base from your cereal box.
Then trace a penny at each corner
 so that you have pretty rounded edges.
Then trace onto scrapbook paper.
Next cut it out and Mod Podge it 
onto the front and back of your base.
Next trace your card holder on the scoring board.
Then cut it out and fold on the lines.
Add your Mod Podge to the folded edges and bottom.
Press it onto the base and rub so that it sticks well.
Now add your decoration and personalize it for your teacher, boss, friend!
And don't forget to slip in a gift card!
Happy Shopping!
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  1. Oh how fun! Thanks for some inspiration!

  2. Looks Like fun...and also wanted to let you know that you are my Spotlight of the Week on my blog.

  3. Brilliant idea! I love keeping the fancy card from cereal boxes and chocolate boxes to reuse for something else - normally bookmarks!