Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet Pinkapotamus!

Welcome to Pinkapotamus!
The name of my blog came from a name that I call my kids. When my daughter who is now 7 was 2 she would wear nothing but pink.. I would call her my little Pinkapotamus. The name then evolved into one for all of my kids (there are 3 now) when they were dirty at the end of the day.. then they were known as my Stinkapotamuses! From both names came one of our favorite songs that we sing ALL the time!
She (or he depending on who we are singing about) is a pinkapotamus
Cute from top to bottomus
Gotta a toosh you just can't miss
Cause he's (or she's) a Pinkapotamus!
It also works for the Stinkapotamus name!
She's a stinkapotamus
Stinks from top to bottomus
Gotta a toosh you just can miss
Cause she's a stinkapotamus!
Since then I have also named my Etsy store where I display mirrors that I have made for my kids and other people's kids of the same name! If you get a chance.. check it and say hello!
More tomorrow! Hopefully something a little fun!
Love always

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  1. I think I have to follow you on principle. If you look at my blog title you'll know why. :)

    You're blog is super cute!