Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Craft Show or Not to Craft Show (Day #4)

Crafters Wanted.  That's what the ad in the local paper said.  Now the big question is to Craft Show or Not to Craft Show! 

My biggest concerns:
1. Am I ready for a craft show?
2. Do I have enough stuff made?
3. What if NO ONE buys ANYTHING?
4. Is my crafting GOOD enough for the high end Bergen County town of Allendale?

Last October I was all signed up to do a craft show.. but I think that fate was trying to tell me something!  The first day of the show was cancelled due to rain and then the day of the makeup show was scheduled for the day that I was leaving for Florida with my family (craft show or Mickey.. who would you chose?). 

At the present time, I have all of the projects that I made last year which includes about 20 scrapbooked picture frames and 20 of my mirrored minions. 

The present craft show is only $50 (which I think I can swing) for a small table and it is in October so that means that I would have plenty of time to add to my stash of crafts. 

Since I am totally undecided I think that I need to seek crafting counsel.  Let me know what you think.. I am open to suggestions!

Here is also today's craft reveal.. sorry to say it is yet another Owl.. this time my owl friend has ventured out in the snow and make friends with the local snowmen!  Hope you like it.. (btw I did tell you that I obsess, right?)

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  1. Stopping by from NFF...those are really cute! I definitely know how you feel with worrying about the craft fair. I was SO scared to do one and it took a lot of convincing. I've only done a couple small ones, but I think it was a good idea to start really small so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. Try to not to have too high expectations, so if it goes well, you'll be happily surprised. Good luck!