Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Blue Jean" Bouquet

My sweet friend Phyllis has an amazing son who is autistic.  They are hosting a "Blue Jean" ball at his school to raise money for the school and autism awareness and she asked me to create some fun "Blue Jean" themed centerpieces for the event.
So here's what I came up with!
Yup.. a bouquet of roses made out of my old blue jeans!  Plus I added some sweet burlap leaves and a puzzle piece painted blue for autism awareness.
They were super easy to make.  Here's a quick sort of photo tutorial.. I missed a few steps cause I was kind of busy burning the fingerprints off of my thumb with hot glue!  Ouch!
Blue jeans
wood dowel
sewing machine (yes I said sewing machine)
Cutting tool
cutting mat
vase or watering can

Start by cutting the top off of your jeans so that all you are left with are the legs.
Next cut your legs into 3 strips per leg.  I saved the seams so that I would only have to sew 1 seam per leg!  And you get 3 strips per leg.
Next sew the two strips together if you are using an unseamed piece.  Otherwise cut the fabric so that you have a 3" straight piece and then 2" inch scallops thereafter.
Pin and sew the scalloped edge.
Then grab your handy dandy hot glue gun and glue the straight edge to a dowel. (Length will depend on how long you want your flowers to be)
Keep glueing all the way around to make the desired effect of a rose... remember that flowers are all different so some can be loose and open
and others will be tight and closed.
Once you have the flowers grab your burlap and cut it into strips.
Then fold it in half and cut into leaf shapes.
Then sew around the leaf's edges.
Last glue it under your roses.. two leaves or more per flower and arrange in your vehicle of choice!
I love this project.  It's for a wonderful event and of course a great way to reuse those old worn out jeans!
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