Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragedy in CT

Yesterday afternoon I spent with my youngest son's kindergarten class making gingerbread houses.  They are sweet, excited children who want nothing more than make friends, play and learn.  I watched their faces light up when the candy came out for decorating and listened to the sound of fingers being slurped as they licked the icing off.   
And then I went home and saw the breaking news alert on my email and I just broke down.  Full on sobbing for those sweet children who had so much to look forward to and lost.  
My heart aches for these parents, grandparents and siblings who will spend this Christmas without their little ones to enjoy and celebrate in the magic of the season. 
 And I think it could have been us.. any of us.  So I hold my loves a little closer today and tell them again how much I love them.  
And I pray for our country that we can get a better handle on mental health and recognize that it IS a real problem.  Mentally healthy people do not go into a classroom and take out innocent children.
And I Pray HARD for those families that they can find peace and understanding and maybe one day forgiveness for this horrible tragedy.
I hope that we can all recover and find a way to help and stop it from happening again. 


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said!

  2. A touching post. I echo your sentiment and your feelings. It was an incredibly difficult day. It could have been any of us and even though, this time, it wasn't, I still ache with grief. Senseless and horrific. It's gone too far.