Monday, October 11, 2010

Toilet Paper Pumpkins!

Friday was my first Brownie meeting of the season!  (Phew, I made it!)  I have 14 third grade girls so I have to have projects that ALL the girls can make.  Sometimes this can be a challenge.  I have been seeing toilet paper pumpkins everywhere and thought that this would be FUN.  Also with Girl Scouts.. everything is on a budget.. so I have to find activities that are inexpensive. 

  I luckily (or unluckily) enough had a whole package of scratchy toilet paper from BJ's that we didn't like so we donated it to the crafting cause.  Then I went to visit my dear friend Joann and picked up 4 yards of orange burlap since it was on sale.  Then I also bought a package of raffia.  Total cost $8.  Whoo hoo!
First I cut the burlap into 16" x 16" squares on the cutting mat.  The I cut the raffia into bundles and packaged each one in a baggie (which I reuse for each meeting.. use resources wisely). with a piece of an old toilet paper roll

Place the toilet paper roll in the center of the burlap and tuck it inside starting with the corners. 

So easy my 3 year old made one too!
Then glue around the folded toilet paper roll and stuff it in the hole.  Then tie with a raffia bow. 

For the girls, I also gave them black felt to make jack o lantern faces.  It was soo much fun to see how different each one was!  For mine.. I used some old silk sunflowers!  Here are mine and my daughter's!
These were super easy, inexpensive and cute!  Hope you try them with your little ones!

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