Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Craft Hoarding Update!

One of my first blog posts was all about the craft hoarder in me.  It takes a deep detailed look into some of my ever growing crafting stash.  At the moment I am happy to report that my stash has grown and changed but also decreased.  In the initial picture of craft hoarding there were several step stools, I am happy to report that four out of the five have been transformed and sold!  Here are the results!

Okay obviously if you are paying attention this is NOT a stool, however, it is the match to the stool that I forgot to take a picture of!  So I had to replace it with some sort of visual!
So I cleaned out all of the stools but one.. I am going to paint it and post it to my etsy site.  But in the meantime, Christmas came early at my house in the form of my Mother in law.  She took a trip to NC and visited the Hobby Lobby!  Here is some of what she brought me back! 

Can't wait to get crafty with it!
What are you working on?
p.s.  After this was posted I received an email regarding the last stool and it has been SOLD!  Making it into a barn stool with farm animals!

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